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the essence of style


[tau̇, ˈtȯ] a south African word for Lion

We believe clothes are made for you to look good and feel great for the good moments in life. That’s why we decided to make timeless wardrobe essentials every man needs and wants to have.

By cutting out the middle men (such as marketeers, distributors and traditional retailers) and solely using eco-friendly materials, we are able to offer the highest quality for an affordable price and without messing up the planet.

Wherever you go – the beach, the cafe, the park or the moon – we make sure you don’t have to worry and always look great for the good moments in life.


Timeless classics which never get out of style; that’s what our collection is all about.

We carefully select timeless pieces and upgrade them to highest nowadays standards. The pieces which have been in style for the past 40 years and will easily be in style 40 years from now.

We are dedicated to build your timeless wardrobe with the perfect fit and quality.


“It’s time to stop overpaying for sustainable quality.”

We have spent over 18 months on finding sustainable partners, choosing and developing the highest quality and eco-friendly fabrics to bring you the best quality. Scouring the world from Italy to India we ended up in Portugal at the same factories your quality designer brands can be found. We partnered up with their best designers, pattern makers and fabric experts to develop the highest quality essentials.

High quality garments, fuss- and frill-free, that’s what we guarantee. By cutting out the middlemen and traditional retail, we are able to sell directly to you This results in prices 40% to 60% lower compared to the traditional high quality brands, without compromising on quality.


Sustainability is not a feature, marketing tool or a fashion trend. With sustainability embedded in everything we do, we set out to make sustainability the new standard in the clothing industry.

We just bring you an awesome clothing brand whilst striving to make all garments with eco-friendly materials; organic cotton, recycled polyester and with the use of eco-friendly dyeing and finishing.


We’ve got nothing to hide and just want to be honest. You have the right to know how we do things and what your products cost to make: we just happen to sell the best essentials for the best price.

That is why we show our actual production costs and the additional costs traditional brands have, which you don’t have to pay for at TAU.